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TruGuard Protective Services

Who We Are

TruGuard Protective Services LLC. Is a leading security company operating in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin providing a full range of security agency services including private, business and retail security guard services as well as mobile patrols, loss prevention, concierge services? We also provide recruitment and staffing solutions for companies looking to take the strain out of hiring security officers.

Whether you are looking for security guards for a single premises, events or are looking for on-going security services, our dedicated team are available to help you get the right service at the best price.

What We Do

As one of the fastest growing security agency firms in Milwaukee and Wisconsin we provide services to all sectors from traditional officers corporate and retail security, to concierge services, alarm response and close protection. We provide security services to major event venues and clients as well as retail outlets, banking services and private clients. We are able to operate internationally with our extensive range of contacts throughout the world.

Why Choose Us?

With a commitment to providing professional and reliable security services, TruGuard Protection Services is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our clients. Our security guards are experienced, well-trained, and equipped to handle any situation, ensuring that you can have peace of mind knowing that your property or event is secure. Additionally, TruGuard Protection Services offers competitive pricing without sacrificing quality, making us an economical solution for your security needs.

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We aspire to the concepts of trust, integrity, respect, and accountability in the performance of our responsibilities.


We encourage involvement at all levels and provide information through clear and open communication and objectivity. We encourage feedback and active participation in problem solving and resolution.


We recognize that the “status quo” will not allow us to grow as an organization. We intend to confront and embrace change, and actively seek new and better ways to fulfill our mission.


We maintain high standards, working with positive attitudes, assuming responsibility, and being accountable for our behaviors, decisions and actions.


We take full responsibility for our actions and are accountable for the services that we provide to ensure the safety and security of our clients and partners, staff and students.

Decision Making

We believe in using our best judgment in our work and in making decisions based upon objective research and analysis.


We achieve success through cooperation, partnership, and teamwork. Only through internal and external cooperation can we accomplish our mission.


We believe that proper training is integral to a well-functioning professional organization. Learning and advancing competency are essential to our growth as individuals and as an organization. We continue to provide whatever is necessary to grow personally and professionally.


We believe in providing quality services in a timely and professional manner. We are service driven, partnership-oriented, and we strive for excellence. We endeavor to provide services in a fair, friendly and respectful manner, sincerely caring for the welfare of people.

Message from the ceo

Dear Client, 

Nowadays, venue risks have shifted from minor crimes and behaviors to something seriously different. Creating a safe environment is essential to extend security and protect against liability at both personal and business levels.

TruGuard Protective Service LLC. Responds to these challenges with experience and knowledge to perfectly fulfill your personal and commercial security goals, listen to clients’ needs, and appoint trained and experienced employees, and keeping up with both technological innovations and new criminal behaviors. With a keen focus on creativity, efficiency, customer service, and value, our leadership is capable of creating and implementing proven security strategies.

Public unrest, covid, natural disasters; it’s a lot to think about. Security is a basic human right, and in the United States, an expectation. But I—like you—sometimes wonder who to rely on for these assurances with so many situations seeming beyond reason or anyone’s control.

Who could have envisioned current events and the effects on our families, communities, jobs and collective futures? Much of our safety is in the hands of others and too often we have more questions than answers. The role of security in our lives is more essential now than it ever has been.

TruGuard Protective Services LLC. is here for you! Every day we are accountable to our employees, our customers and our community. Security is our right, but we must be proactive in securing it. Our values of communication, integrity, professionalism and diligence ensure that we can deliver on our promise to keep our customers and their assets safe! “Providing Peace of Mind”, our motto is our promise to you.

To our clients, thank you for your continued trust in us. For those we are yet to work with, we invite you to collaborate in finding solutions to your challenges. Together, we will get through these tough times! This too shall pass. I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Warmest Regards,

Jeremy Moore
CEO & Founder
Jeremy Moore CEO of TruGuard Protection Servicse
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